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Minimum Required Settings for Internet Explorer 6.x

    There have been some changes to the security settings in Internet Explorer 6, that may cause you problems while accessing OnePath websites.
    For further information about the changes, please click on the link to the Microsoft website.


    1. On the menu, go to View, then Privacy Report OR to Tools, then Internet Options, then Privacy.
    2. Click on Settings, then on Advanced.
    3. Ensure that "Always allow session cookies" is ticked. This allows your login information to be passed to our site for verification of every request for data.
    4. The other settings do not affect our sites and can be set to whatever you choose.
    5. Click on OK to save any changes.

Security Settings

    On the menu, go to Tools, then Internet Options, then Security.
    Click on Internet, then Custom Level.
    Option 1
    1. Select Medium under 'Reset To' then click the Reset button, followed by the OK button.
    Option 2
    1. Retain the majority of your existing settings, but ensure that specific items are set as follows:
    2. Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins must be set to Prompt or Enabled, so that Acrobat Reader can be used to view forms and tutorials.
    3. Java permissions should be set to High safety as some of our sites are written in Java.
    4. Display mixed content is recommended to be set to Prompt or Enabled as some pages display shared images and backgounds from an insecure site. However, the functionality of the pages is unaffected if you choose to disable this item.
    5. Active scripting must be set to Enabled.
    6. Scripting of Java applets is recommended to be set to Enabled, to allow progress indicators to be displayed in the Wrap client reports. If you choose to disable this item, then you will still be able to view and print your reports, but will not see any progress information while your data is being loaded.

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