How to establish an Adviser or corporate Sales Account Number (SAN)

To be registered with OnePath Super and Investments your Dealer Group must have a Product Issuer Agreement (PIA) in place and the following documentation must be completed.

You can send this documentation to us via:

How to establish a corporate Sales Account Number (SAN)

If you are wishing to establish a Sales Account Number (SAN) in the name of a company, the following documentation is required:

You can send this documentation to us via:

How to establish a Dealer Group relationship

To establish a Dealer Group relationship with OnePath Super and Investments, you will need to follow the below steps. If you have questions about this process, please contact our team.

For each application you will require:

  1. One Signed Copy of the OnePath Product Issuer Agreement
  2. A completed Registration of Dealer Group form
  3. A completed Sales Account Number Application form (for each representative)
  4. Provide a copy of your Australian Financial Services Licence
  5. Provide a copy of the driver licence or passport for the Authorised or Responsible Officer who has signed the PIA on behalf of the Dealer Group.

You can send this documentation to us via:

Once we receive all completed documentation, we will:

  • Keep in contact with you to let you know the progress of your application
  • Send the paperwork to our Sales team to complete the due diligence check
  • Confirm the new Master Sales Account Number for the Dealer Group
  • Confirm the new Sales Account Numbers for the Authorised Representatives
  • Return a signed copy of the Product Issuer Agreement to your company, with OnePath sign off, to be retained for your records.

How to update your contact details

You can notify us that your contact details have changed via:

Note, all Dealer Group change of bank details or changes to payment frequency must be authorised in writing and signed by the Dealer Group’s Authorised or Responsible Officer. This document can be emailed to

How to notify that you've changed Dealer Groups

To advise us that you have changed Dealer Groups, the following documentation is required:

You can send this documentation to us via:

Transferring clients to a different Dealer Group

In order to have your clients transferred to your new Dealer Group, the following documentation is required:

  • Release letter from previous Dealer Group
  • Acceptance letter from your new Dealer Group

Note, Excel format is preferred including the client's name, account number and Sales Account Number (SAN)

You can send this documentation to us via:

Transferring clients within your current dealer group

In order to have your clients transferred between advisers under the same dealer group, the following documentation is required:

  • Signed and dated request from the Authorised or Responsible Officer of the dealer group. Alternatively, this request can be sent from the registered email address OnePath hold for the dealer group

Note, Excel format is preferred including the client's name, policy number and sales account number (SAN)

You can send this documentation to us via:

Adviser Payment Services – FAQ’s, Tips and Hints

Can I see my client's accounts online?

Yes! Adviser Online provides Financial Advisers the flexibility to view and generate reports at any given time. Follow the below link to the Adviser Online log in page:

If you currently have not registered for Adviser Online, creating your online access is easy, simply go to the above link click register in the log-in details box; then follow the prompts. Creating your online access should be done after you have requested your Sales Account Number (SAN) to be created.

Note, remuneration statements for the last 12 months can only be generated via Adviser Online.

What type of reports can I access on Adviser Online?

Currently Adviser Online offers a variety of reports. Please refer to the below list of available reports;

  • My Business – By Sales Account (report of FUM by Sales Account and product)
  • My Business – By Product (report of FUM by product)
  • Client Contact List (client name, address and contact information)
  • Client Balances (name, address, phone and portfolio balances)
  • Client Portfolio Balances (name, address, account number, investment fund, unit information)
  • MoneyForLife Account Balances (account number, balance, MoneyForLife investment balance, MFL commencement date, MFL anniversary, protected income base and maximum annual income details
  • Employer Fund List (list of all employer funds including fund name, fund number, product, portfolio balance and number of members)
  • Employer Fund Report (detailed report showing fund summary, default investment options and member listing is optional)
  • My remuneration – By Sales Account (displays date paid, account number, client name, product, date commenced, remuneration type and amount
  • Work In Progress Report (date received, date modified, account number, client name, type of transaction, status and outstanding)

Does OnePath Super and Investments offer a Change of Servicing Adviser form?

Yes! Please use the the Change of Adviser Request form

When will remuneration generate?

Remuneration will only be calculated once it is deducted from the customer’s account.

Once a remuneration amount is generated it is then paid to your Dealer Group within their nominated remuneration cycle.

OnePath Super and Investments pays remuneration to registered Dealer Groups on a monthly or weekly basis (Payment frequencies vary between Dealer Groups and we suggest speaking with your Dealer Group for the payment frequency applicable to you).

Who do I contact for...

Adviser Payment Services (APS)
1800 290 684
Digital Wealth
1800 251 588
Adviser Services
1800 804 768
  • Enquiries on Remuneration paid (not applicable for SmartChoice members)
  • Change of Adviser requests
  • Set up of New Adviser requests
  • Reports (if greater than 12mths history is required)
  • Remuneration adjustments
  • Update / changes to Adviser details
  • Partial and bulk transfer requests
  • Adviser Online access
  • Pension & Investments/ Superannuation product enquiries (new & existing)
  • New Business applications Claims & Hardship

What is the difference between a Sales Account Number (SAN) and a Master Sales Account Number?

The Sales Account Number (SAN) is your personal code used to identify yourself when interacting with OnePath Super and Investments. Whereas the Master Sales Account Number represents the Dealer Group you are associated with.

Does my Dealer Group have authority to transfer my accounts to other Advisers?

Yes! The legal agreement that is in place sits between OnePath Super and Investments and the Dealer Group you represent. As part of this agreement, the Dealer Group has authority to request OnePath Super and Investments to enact certain changes (including transfer of accounts) which we are required to action.

Remuneration, Fund and Product codes

This should be used in conjunction with your remuneration statement to identify the remuneration and event type and product description. Click here to access