When you invest with OnePath, you can be confident you're accessing world leading investments, handpicked by experts.

Our investment offer gives our customers access to a range of actively managed, expertly diversified investment portfolio options focused on delivering strong, consistent returns in all market conditions.

Our three offers are:

  • Single Manager funds managed by seven highly regarded asset managers
  • OptiMix, our specialist Multi-Manager process
  • OnePath Diversified Multi-Manager funds.

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Investment Choice

OnePath investments offer a range of solutions to meet your long-term investment goals:

  • OnePath Single manager funds
  • OptiMix Multi-Manager funds
  • OnePath Diversified Multi-Manager funds

OptiMix Multi-Manager

OnePath offers a choice of Multi-Manager funds which deliver effective diversification across specialist managers, selected by OnePath’s OptiMix team. The OptiMix Multi-Manager process combines a number of carefully selected investment managers in one single investment portfolio, providing investors with a convenient way to diversify across investment managers and asset classes.

OnePath Diversified Multi-Manager funds

OnePath offers a range of funds which invest in a mix of OptiMix and index-based investments. This approach recognises that better diversification is obtained when investments are spread across managers and asset classes, with an element of index funds for greater consistency.

Single Manager investment funds

OnePath offers a selection of funds managed by specialist managers who are experts in their particular asset classes. These managers are subject to regular and rigorous reviews, and can be changed if necessary without the need for any action by investors.

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