How to certify ID

In order to process requests to roll over certified proof of identity is required. OnePath follows an industry standard process to ensure that rollovers are processed as quickly as possible.

Acceptable Documents

Certified copies of the following documents may be used as proof of identity.

One of the following documents only:

  • driver’s licence issued under State or Territory law or
  • OR one document from the left column and one from the right column

One of the following documents:


One of the following documents:

  • birth certificate or birth extract
  • citizenship certificate issued by the Commonwealth
  • pension card issued by Centrelink that entitles the person to financial benefits.



  • letter from Centrelink regarding a Government assistance payment
  • notice issued by Commonwealth, State or Territory Government or local council within the past twelve months that contains your name and residential address. (For example: Tax Office Notice of Assessment or rates notice from local council.)

Who can certify these documents?

All copies of the original acceptable documents need to be certified as true copies by any approved person from the list below.

The person who is authorised to certify documents must sight the original and the copy and make sure both documents are identical, then make sure all pages have been certified as true copies by writing or stamping ‘certified true copy’ followed by:

  • their signature,
  • printed name,
  • qualification (eg Justice of the Peace, Australia Post employee, etc) and

The following people can certify copies of originals documents as true and correct copies:

  • a Justice of the Peace
  • a police officer
  • a registrar or deputy registrar of a court
  • a person enrolled on the roll of a State or Territory Supreme Court or the High Court of Australia, as a legal practitioner
  • an Australian consular officer or an Australian diplomatic officer 
  • a judge of a court
  • a magistrate
  • a Chief Executive Officer of a Commonwealth court
  • a permanent employee of Australia Post with two or more years of continuous service
  • a finance company officer with two or more years of continuous service (with one or more finance companies)
  • an officer with, or authorised representative of, a holder of an Australian Financial Services licence (AFSL), having two or more years continuous service with one or more licensees.

In order to assist you in providing your certified documents, Lawlink Australia features a Public Register of Justice of the Peaces (JP), which helps you to locate a JP in your local area. Simply put in your postcode and it will show you the name, location and phone number of those near you who can certify your documents.

Send your certified documents and Rollover form to OnePath Custodians, Reply Paid 5113, Sydney NSW 2001.